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Patient Story

Kathy H. – Trussville Resident

“As an RN in a busy cardiology practice I work long hours on my feet.  When I developed severe pain in my right knee, I knew it was a torn meniscus like I had when I worked in Miami. I went to a large, famous orthopedic center in Birmingham. I could barely walk the halls to the office. The doctor told me, ‘If you’ve had knee surgery before, you have arthritis now.’

“I called the office I worked in and was told by a cardiologist there he would get me in to see Dr. Wolf. The next day I was in Dr. Wolf’s office where I met the kindest, most caring medical group ever!  Dr. Wolf listened and looked at my records. He did a thorough exam, X-rays and suggested an injection into the joint. Relief from pain was so quick that I practically ran from the office so happy to be free of pain. 

“Three weeks later the pain returned and he quickly ordered an MRI and scheduled me for Arthroscopy. The results were amazing. He is an exceptional surgeon; he listened and cared enough to hear what I was saying.  I was back to work in 10 days virtually pain free.  During the next few years he performed two more meniscus repairs on my left and right knee. Every office visit and surgical encounter left me feeling very comfortable with his management of my knees.  

“Not long after I retired and moved 30 miles from Dr. Wolf’s office, I experienced pain in my right elbow and hand. I decided to try an orthopedic center closer to home.  The doctor there performed some tests on my hand and elbow.  He informed me he was booking me for elbow surgery in 3 days.  I replied, ‘I need to think about it.’  I left his office and called Dr. Wolf. They got me in again quickly… the next day.  Dr. Wolf did an X-ray of my neck explaining elbow and hand pain can be triggered by a pinched nerve or arthritis in the neck. I received a call from him that afternoon telling me the x-ray showed a large tumor attached to my left Carotid Artery. Stunned, I listened as he explained everything and told me he had already called a great surgeon that he knew could provide the best outcome. I was in that surgeon’s office the following day and set up for removal of the tumor.  I am well now!  Had I gone for elbow surgery I probably would have died on the table.

“Dr. Wolf saved my life! Whether it was easing pain in knees that allowed me to work or repair of a badly torn right rotator cuff, Dr. Wolf always did a stellar job as a surgeon and a caring, Godly person. After all the years of working as a nurse and being a patient, I developed a skill at assessing whether a physician had positive outcomes from his work, whether he truly cared for a patient as a human being, and whether the office was well run.  I tell EVERYONE I meet I trust him with my life. He literally saved my life using his excellent assessment, diagnostic, and caring practice of medicine.  

“Dr. Wolf is very skilled at assessment and diagnosing orthopedic problems.  He is a fantastic surgeon able to fix complex orthopedic damage. He and his office treat every patient as a VIP.  After 35 years of working with countless physicians and now at 69 years of age having been seen as a patient….I can say Dr. Wolf and his staff are the finest medicine has to offer….right here in Birmingham! There is no need to fly to Mayo Clinic or any other big city medical center….we have THE BEST right here!”

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